Koster Grain Inc
​17995 Iris Ave, Carroll, IA, 51401

CARROLL OFFICE: 712-792-5424
CARROLL TOLL-FREE: 800-798-5421
CARROLL FAX: 712-792-5910
GRAIN BIDS: 866-349-2750
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​(Longer hours during harvest season)

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Corn Processing By-Products

Whether you are looking for Corn Gluten, Gluten Pellets, Modified Distillers, Wet Distillers, DDG or any other products, we handle them all. 

Soy Bean Hull Pellets

A great corn replacer in both starting and finishing rations.

Damaged Corn

We buy and sell all kinds of damaged grains, but mostly handle damaged 
corn. If you have a bin of out of condition corn give us a call and we can get it cleaned up for you.​
Animal Bedding

We have a steady supply of wood shavings, ground wood and oat hulls 
that can be used for turkeys, dairys, horses, etc.
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. With the number of trucks that we operate in the upper Midwest we are able to offer you a competitve price on any of the products you use in your operation. Whether you feed Gluten, Gluten Pellets, Modified Distillers, Dry Distillers (DDGs), Soy Hull Pellets, Loose Soy Hulls, Oat Hulls, Damaged or Out of Condition Grains, Ground Hay or any other type of product call us to get a quote. 
Hay Grinding

Koster Grain's sister company is Koster Grinding. They offer grinding services covering the western half of Iowa. Call them at 712-792-5424 for all of your grinding needs.